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Maintain your investment!  Call us to receive a FREE ESTIMATE for all of your asphalt needs.

Maintaining your asphalt pavement is easy!  Call us to sealcoat your existing asphalt.  Not only does sealcoating improve the gray appearance of your surface, it also helps to guard against the damage caused by automobile fluids and the sun. 

A coat of sealer that contains silica sand will be applied over your existing asphalt.  A spray application provides an even coat that dries to a black finish.  We recommend having this application done during the summer months to insure quick, even drying.

Hot rubberized crackfiller is also available.  Loose debris is blown out of existing cracks before a hot rubberized crackfiller is professionally installed.

Our professional crew will layout and apply your parking lot and traffic stripes to specifications.  We use high quality traffic paint that meets or exceeds Federal Specifications.  Logos, arrows, thatching and crosswalk markings also available.

We will furnish and install concrete parking blocks on your project, hauling away any damaged ones that are being replaced.

We repair broken or damaged asphalt curb.  Whether it's located on a roadway, in a parking lot or an island area - call us today!

Don't let your catch basin become a parking lot hazard, call us for repairs.  We can do brick and mortar repairs, or add a layer of brick to bring the basin to the proper position in your parking lot.

Is the area around your catch basin in bad shape? 
Let us install an asphalt or concrete collar around the basin.